Volleyball is a sport played between two teams. Each team has from 12 to 18 players, but at any given time each team has 6 players on the floor. Teams play matches against each other which consist of 3-5 sets. Games will either be best out of 3 or best out of five. To win a set, a team must be the first to reach 25 points. If teams tie in sets (1-1 or 2-2), they will play a final tiebreaker set to 15 points. Whoever wins this set wins the match.


Every time the ball is served, a point is scored. This is called rally scoring and wasn’t always the rule. Used to be, you could only score when your team was serving. An NCAA volleyball match is best three of five games. The first four games are played to 25 points. If a fifth game is needed it is played to 15 points. You have to win by two points in any of the games. So if game 2 is tied at 24-24 then one team must get to 26 to win

Back to game play. After your team scores a point, you also win back the serve (called a side out). Importantly, when you win back the serve the rules say your team must rotate clockwise so a new person serves.