Handball is a popular sport played by men, women, and children that consists of a variety of rules and regulations. It requires 14 players, referees, the court, a ball, and 2 goals. Handball is usually played on a court that is 40 by 20 meters, with the goals placed in the center of the shorter ends. The crease or goal area is marked by a line 6 meters from the goal. A dashed line placed 9 meters from each goal marks the free-throw line. Handball games typically last for 60 minutes and are split into two 30 minute halves. Players can be substituted at any time, provided they cross through their respective team’s substitution box on the sideline.

No players other than the goalkeeper are allowed within the crease area (6-meter line) on the handball court. An exception to this rule happens when a player jumps in a shooting motion from outside the crease area and lands inside it after their shot.

Number of Players – Each team is required to have 7 players, composed of 6 field players and a goalkeeper.