Far enough Beach Volleyball(BvB) is one of the game that is emerging and comming up very fast, and it still needs more effort.
One of the steps taken is to prepare various games that will provide enlightement to people along with game education, as it was done on 25th and 26th of february at Coco Beach.

Coach Alfred Selengia provided different Bvb tactics in offensive and defensive.
He covered service, Bump pass/under arm pass, Setting, Attacking and Defense

“We want to revive Beach volleyball and make it one of the games with many fans in the country, and people should be ready for something big.
We have talented young people but they just need to get a little training on this game.” He said.

Coach Alfred Selengia said, “Beach Volleyball is the game that requires a lot of intelligence and effort on the field”

Lets love the game, Lets play Beach Volleyball