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FARU SPORTS FOUNDATION Unlocking opportunities for young athletes in Tanzania
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25 February 2023
- Coco Beach
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About Us

Faru Foundation is the home of high-performance young talents in Tanzania. Based in Temeke, Dar es Salaam, the foundation is ready to support the next superstars sporting journey. From Volleyball to Netball to Handball to Dodgeball, we’ve got everything young sportsmen and women need to succeed. Our mission is to enable young athletes to reach their potential in sports and life.

We are very passionate about providing the best possible learning opportunities and experiences for all young players irrespective of their strengths, challenges, or needs. We continually strive to provide an inclusive, enabling, and safe environment which empowers all our players to try their best and achieve beyond expectations. We work with partners across the country to conduct, encourage, promote, advance, and administer all forms of the sport of volleyball in and throughout Tanzania. Also, we partner with professional teams across the world to help further our mission.


An annual competition run by Faru Foundation in partnership with stakeholders and sponsors. The next tournament is set from 26th – 29th August 2022. Read More


The academy is dedicated to developing the potential of boys and girls both on and off-field. The foundation is workint to build a state-of-the-art sports training facility. Read More

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